Sunday, 24 February 2008

dj motherfuka back to yours

heres another dj motherkuak comin at ya...

listen here

jimmy jukesbox is out in his motorboat out having fun.pure fun,pure admirer of beauty ,youth and gratification, he wants to hang out with you as long as your into hendonism
.out of the way! old school adults on an age trip are sunk by the teen wave.Ricki starts the revolution and elton takes its to conclusion. You've been telling us how to rebel now its own turn to tell you,we'll develope our own generatiob gap ,on our own turns. im snotty nosed punk and i wont do what you want me to do,i aint shocked, its your problem leave me alone, I'm wrapped up in spite hate fuck longing.. hey up the older kids are back, and going into like boys?im only asking. I'm interested to see what gets ya goin,purely research mind
lynsey the big sister of 70's has worked out where her make ups been going and its a drag.she's been going with a tranny...she got yer number mate..
fuck you,im so sad you gone off wid another.not even a music man,listen to me as i drag out for one more time my passive agressive tale of woe. i'm pissed but im the better person carrying on what you left..thats what i'll do, inspite of you.why?why?why?unlike the cajuns..they just wanna get drunk and forget....afternoon delight,sky rocks gentle swing.sack off work and get on with the hard fucking.the beutiful bayo ends up with a watneys beer belly pumping away.we're now part of the union.
love finds a way.hanging out working hard, physical work,having a laugh on the job on the job. tatooed whitebread sucking and fucking on a matress of old suns and razzels behind the foremans shed.
the nudge nudge wink wink riddim of wymans bass.the audio equivliant of bill getting you pissed by filling up yer glass,despite yer protestations..eventuly he gets it. a basic honest account on what he does .reportage from the wimpy home rock star.
th sound of an aging rock star trying to get it up.short bursts of in the mood..but the mood leaves.could it be the drugs? its mungoes greatest love.leave him alone.he wants to get stoned as a cunt.
no need to worry tho .it doesnt matter. lynsey's back to tell us the score .it doesnt matter .she's been through it before with the tranny..she there for you.its all gona be alright eventualy and so what if it aint?jona takes time out to make the pitter pater turn into a delugde of love.elkie knows what she wants from love.turning misogeny on its head she wants what the boys have got and she wants em all.see rod an co cower and run away when they meat a real woman with real needs.
elkie's the match for primitive man . from the begining there has only been primitive love.stalking and hunting each other in a night club.rutting animals with tribal memories from when the we ran with the pack.
hey im primitive too..i understand the nature of man.of how we're a flawed being .wine women and fags...and im happy and honest.thats all i need , Whilst we're on the truth tip lawerence tells us how it realy is and how long primitive loves been going on..the same story throught the ages.
the sloution,isolation?make your own mind.i sail my ship alone.i am an island a rock.a lone where else to go? your at rock bottom?lets start the cycle again.lynsey knows the score like . she knows it up to her. she can begin and end at any point. stubbing out reality and rolling out a new un....
chasin geach other around in the cosmic dance of love.surpasses all language.mating cools and calls .ha no language . call and response to lead us on......Too much energy still? work it off with the wombles. clean living through exercise.

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