Sunday 22 December 2013

praise indeed

Exciting blog post! I really enjoyed reading this content. You are a brilliant writer. I like your way of presentation. Keep it up. on Raspberry Pi- Mac copy/burning a sd card

thank you Mr SD card Duplication for your kind comments

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Check out me phase sequencer

works great innit

heres me talking about it....

and here i plays it innit


Spent the summer updating Brainforest. Brainforest is  a synthesiser designed to make animal calls.
Previously i madea version in Max/Msp, this one is made in pure data. The interface is a bit confusing to look at, but its fully midi-d up, the waves can be controlled by external controls and the animal call audio is analysed and sent to an arduino that controls the intensity of an led...
Brainforest can be seen in the video here.

here is an audio schematic of Brainforest

Beer Bottle Evidence

8pm, 20th July 2013: Music Box Migrations Concert at Schaustelle, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, With Kathy Hinde, Matthew Olden, Club Bleu, Christoph Reiserer and Tom Sora.

I was here, but missing from the photo, evidence of my tracks proved by an empty beer bottle....

Productuve Marginals

heres my latests post humanity solution...

made in conduction with Knowle West Media Centre and the University of Bristol.

visit its website here

playing the field video

here are the cicadas made by mark anderson, from playing the field... you might have noticed that i have been referring to the as the woodpeckers.... last seen at redfest, next stop  Gateshead.

Sound Field Devizes, 2013, Commissioned by Sound UK from Mark Anderson on Vimeo.

what time is it???!!!?? (again)

been away from the blog but not gone......

playing catch up with media....

heres a concert featuring me from my time in Barvaria...

Birds Insects and Sound Machines, Signalraum, Munich. from Kathy Hinde on Vimeo.