Monday, 18 February 2008

dj knees up motherfuka

A tribute to music hall,rowdy smut in the english stylee.From danny la rue to luitenant pidgeon via barrel organs and a cockney reject singalong.bill wyman and the nudge nudge riddim of the wonky groove.A long and fertile thread wooven through with the english guilt complex, beatles getting stoned with orton. glam, saturday night telly,teddy bears picnic.The birth of english rock and roll, brown-steele faith-fury.lionel bart on acid.Who were you with last night?you can touch my bum. Welcome back to the good old days, the wombles are here to entertian you.Barbra Cartlands pussy sidles up to Chaucers noble cock whilst the navy and army get it whilst they on leave.Enjoy a gin and steptoe through the tunes of yesteryear....

listen here

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