Friday, 28 August 2009

Glaber for download

glaber for the mac

glaber for the pc

heres some f.a.q about it......

what is glaber?

the glaber is name after the naked mole rat.its real ugly..lives in the desert and is almost impervious to pain.
glaber the program makes music automaticaly from stuff it finds scurrying around searches for mp3's and jpeg and gifs...then mixes them up making a stream of music an images. each time differently

where does it gets it material from?

glaber already has some sounds and images  in it when you download it, so they always should start of sounding simular..after time they each become a different two performance are ever the same.

it gets its images from searching goolge images
and it gets it audio from serching.

and the media art bath resource page

it chooses its key words for searching by looking at the bbc news site looking for the latest headlines in science,world news,uk news,entertianment,politics and education

can i make it go full screen?

yes,press escape

does it put weird shit onto me 'puter?

no! downloads all its stuff to (picturesdelete folder)or .it then searches through this to see what it can use and transports this stuff to (pictures folder) 
the audio is downloaded directly to the audio folder
the program is standalone. that is to say you dont need to install anything to get it working.

where does it store its audio and images?

glabber stores its audio in the folder marked (:audio) and its visuals in the folder marked (:pictures)
if you add your own jpegs or giffs (in the pictures) or mp3s (in audio) glaber will use these to mix.

how do i look after glaber.

glaber has a folder of junk that need regulary 'd think a proper programer would do this automaticaly, but the glaber is an untidy animal and needs a human to clean up the rubbish from the internet.
the folder that needs emptying and throwing away is (:picturesdelete )

is it new stuff each time?

glaber labels the media it collects sequentialy but chosses a different number to start from each time you start eventualy you see a mix of all the data you have collected since you have downloaded glaber. but the media is loaded randomly,so no two performances are ever the same.

are they're any controls?

not realy..tis automatic.....thats the point.

but for the games cheats out there.....
heres some key controls

A Reload all
S New tempo
D New load o mutes
F keep at same setting
V carry on
G downloader on
B downloader off
H put in own search
escape full screen

are there/gonna be any updates?

yes watch this space

who made this program?

matthew olden, thats who....
he's got a website where you can see more stuff and download more stuff too....
tis here

what is glaber made in?

glaber is made in max/msp with jitter 
it seems a bit slow.

glaber can slow down,but sure and steady.everytime you use it it gets more material,and each time you use it the more different (ish)itll be.sometimes slow internet ,heavy traffick,slow computers/full up computers/computers cause it to only download a few things a time.just keep it going......and itll be solid gone...
sometime the internet connection is too good and the visuals might judder whilst its loading too many visuals.

it doesnt seem to be downloading mp3's

it will its just sometimes there massive before gabber chops them down

its wont start...

hmm...ill have a look.
sometimes dodgy media in the (pictures folder) or (audio folder) might do that.
check out yer audio settings
empty the (picturesdelete folder) 
download it again
it need quicktime to be installed for the visuals inall......

how much space will it use up?

itll fill the folders up with 1500 items then start over writting em....
each time you start up glaber starts labeling at a different point, so material will build up over time
1500 audio files will take up about 4gigs worth of space eventualy....but itll take a long time
the picture folder when full will probly only be about a gigs worth of space...
if you think its getting too full free free to throw stuff away.

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